Frutas Susagna is a company dedicated to the production, handling and distribution of fruit, with extensive professional experience in the sector.

Our company is constantly expanding and has become a benchmark in the fruit sector, offering a wide variety of both stone fruit as well as cherries, apricots, citrus, etc.

The fruit that Frutas Susagna markets comes from our own farms as well as others controlled by our technical service, in order to ensure a thorough control of the entire process, from planting to harvesting.

This allows us to offer our products with the highest quality and, through a modern distribution system, ensure that our fruit arrives in the best domestic and foreign markets in the best conditions of freshness, texture and flavour.

We have a wide variety of products

Stone fruit, peach, nectarine, flat peach
and apricot.
Citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines and lemons.
Pome fruit: Apple and pear.
Other fruits: Plum , cherry, persimmon.